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Dear brothers and sisters, there are many who wants to acquire knowledge, Dawateislami India is collecting donations to provide books published by Maktaba tul Madinah. Please donate and be part of this noble cause.

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Aapke Chande (Donations) ko kisi bhi Jaiz, Deeni, Islahi(Reformatory), Falahi (Welfare), Khairkhwahi, Rohani Aur Bhalai ke kam me Kharch kiya Jasakta hai


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Aapke Chande (Donations) ko kisi bhi Jaiz, Deeni, Islahi(Reformatory), Falahi (Welfare), Khairkhwahi, Rohani Aur Bhalai ke kam me Kharch kiya Jasakta hai

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Aapke Chande (Donations) ko kisi bhi Jaiz, Deeni, Islahi(Reformatory), Falahi (Welfare), Khairkhwahi, Rohani Aur Bhalai ke kam me Kharch kiya Jasakta hai

Our Departments

Dawateislami, a non-political movement for the preaching of Holy Quran and Sacred Sunnah, is striving to promote the true teachings of Islam through its 50+ departments.

Jamiatul Madina

Jamiatul Madina has been started with an aim to produce effective Islamic Scholars who would guide Ummah to live a pious life according to Sunnah and Shariah. There are 100+ Jamiatul Madina, with quality infrastructure and facilities, across India where around 7,500 students are learning Knowledge of Shari’ah

Darul Madina School System

Dar-ul-Madinah, an Islamic School System, has set an objective of improving conventional academic studies in conformity with Shari’ah. This education system is to help students learn and thrive to the best of their abilities within the boundaries of Islam.

Gareeb Nawaz Online Academy

Gareeb Nawaz Online Academy is the one of the Dawateislami's Departments in India. This Department is Teaching the Basics of Holy Quran and Preaching the Sunnah of Our Beloved Prophet صلّ اللّه تعالی علیہ والہ و سلّم by using Digital Technologies.

About Dawateislami India

Dawateislami India is a leading non profit, religious organisation in India working for the past 4 decades.

The true colour of the organisation can be pictured from its motto, called madani aim, “I must strive to reform myself and people of the entire world ان شاءاللہ" written by founder of dawateislami who is a great Sufi and a world known islamic scholar “Maulana Ilyas Qadri”. The motto is used regularly as affirmation and followed by all volunteers of the organisation.

With this strong motto, Dawateislami has made tremendous progress and is now working in 50+ Departments. Darul Madeena (International islamic schooling system), Jamiatul Madeena (Islamic Institution), Madrasatul Madeena (Teaching Quran), Plantation and various other Departments are bringing remarkable transformation in societies across the globe and helping people, especially the young, to live peacefully.

Importance of women empowerment is well understood from teachings of Our Beloved Prophet, Hazrat Muhammad صلی اللہ علیہ وسلم. Dawateislami india also works with islamic sister’s for their empowerment, within the boundaries of sharia.

We encourage women to work, actively participate and volunteer for Dawateislami India. Apart from employing hundreds of women, we also have thousands of women volunteers across India.

Apart from being a religious organisation, Dawateislami India is also well known for its social and welfare activities which positively impacted lakhs of people across India. The organisation provides relief funds and supports families in case of emergency with the help of huge number of volunteers.

If you would like to learn more about our organisation or want to support us anyway, please feel free to reach out to your nearest Madani Markaz (our centre) or you can get in touch with any of our volunteers (Muballigh) in your locality.

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